My love of photography started when I was only seven and I got my very first 110 mm “Flip Flash” camera.  Since then, all of my schooling and jobs have been focused on photography.  At 18, I landed a job assisting a wedding photographer while I continued my education.  After a few years learning the wedding basics, I started a new job traveling the country as a dance photographer and learning about body form and catching the peak of movement.  Five years later, I decided to try my hand once again at wedding photography.  A studio in Orange County that was known for it’s more creative wedding photography hired me and over the next 5 years I built up my knowledge and experience. 

Now, after having my own photography business for the last 9 years, I still love my job!  I really enjoy working with my clients and many of them seem more like friends after we work together. It is truly rewarding to be able to photograph them through the years and watch their families grow. 

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is traveling to destination weddings.  To date, I have photographed weddings in Spain, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Mammoth Lakes. Where to next???